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May 2024 Newsletter


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As my 3rd son graduated from high school this month, my heart swelled with pride and anticipation for the journey ahead. It’s a momentous time filled with excitement, but also a time where his confidence may waver, and the path forward may seem unclear.

He received a scholarship to play baseball at Wichita State University, however, he is undecided on his major. As my son explores what to study, I feel blessed to work for a Foundation that has developed Career Literacy resources to help him feel confident in knowing he possesses a unique blend of talents, skills, and experiences that will undoubtedly shape his future. The Agilities© aren’t just abstract concepts; they’re the tools that will empower him to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

His journey (along with my grown kids’) is about more than just academic achievement; it’s about embracing his inherent value and recognizing the immense contributions he’ll make to the world through his future career.

Congratulations to my son and the many graduates out there on a remarkable milestone! At The DeBruce Foundation, we’re dedicated partners in one’s journey toward success. We’re here to remind each and every graduate of their unique value and potential as they prepare to take the next step toward building an empowered career.

Celebrating and equipping the Class of 2024

Congratulations, graduates! As you plan the next steps in your education or career, we encourage you to explore our free Graduation Toolkit to…

  • Identify your top work skills
  • Explore in-demand job opportunities
  • Understand the income you’ll need
  • Update your resume to stand out
  • Map out a plan for your future 

Get the Graduation Toolkit.

Know a grad who would benefit from the Graduation Toolkit? Share it with them!

Mark your calendar for November 19th

It’s never too early to start preparing for the best time of the year! 

During National Career Development Month in November, we’ll be releasing our latest career research and new career-building resources. 

Save the date for our virtual event: 

National Career Development Month Annual Convening
November 19th, 2024 at 1pm CT

We can’t wait to see you there!

Thank you and congratulations, Dr. West!

Dr. Charles “Doc” West has retired from The DeBruce Foundation after serving as a consultant for 10 years. 

From his “see you later” speech: “Our mission, to expand career pathways, touches me in the inner most depths of my soul… Because once, somebody gave me a hand up, and because of that hand up, it’s allowed me to do things that were unimaginable.” 

We thank Doc for his unimaginable impact on individuals building their career paths, our workforce, and on each of us. 

Learn more about Doc’s careerhis recollections of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and how mentoring can change the trajectory of one’s life.

Innovation at Kansas State School for the Blind

The Kansas State School for the Blind recently hosted a Make48 competition for blind and visually impaired students from across the country, engaging their creativity and problem-solving skills to create accessible features for a new school gym!

Throughout the 48-hour competition, students grew their networks with students and professionals, explored new work skills, and gained confidence in their ability to bring a new invention to life. 

Congratulations to the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired team for taking home the Best Agilities Award! 

Read more from Make48

Congratulations, Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight!

Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, The DeBruce Foundation’s Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, was recently named part of the Women Who Mean Business Class of 2024 by the Kansas City Business Journal

We will celebrate her career-long dedication to improving lives and building meaningful career pathways on August 23. With this award, she joins a cohort of incredible movers and shakers in our community. Get to know the Women Who Mean Business Class of 2024.

Youth helping youth explore careers

This year, as a part of Remake Learning Days KC, members of the DeBruce Career Corps hosted their own activities to help younger students explore future careers! 

At the event, they taught youth about their Agilities – their work skills and interests – then participants put them into action to play Career Bingo and navigate through an Agilities Maze!

Everyone had a great day helping youth explore future careers! 

Learn more about Remake Learning Days.

Wisdom and resources from 2024 graduates

Our blogs this month come to you from three incredible 2024 graduates!

SaDerra, Susan-Carol, and Alexis share a glimpse into their lives and plans, career resources for their fellow graduates, and advice for the journey ahead. 

Here’s a sneak peek: “Don’t forget to pause for a moment and appreciate the people next to you, the opportunities in front of you, and the past that has grown you.”

Read more from SaDerra, Susan-Carol, and Alexis.

Join us for a training

Are you looking for career-building resources for your classroom, curriculum, or organization? Register to learn about our career tools and resources, and then join us in expanding career pathways!

6/4 Agilities Tour 
6/6-7 Agilities Coach Training 
7/2 Agilities Tour 

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