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Start Your Future Here

Congratulations, Graduates! 

Like many graduates, you might not be sure what this next season holds. We know your education, life experiences, and passions have prepared you to do many great things in the world. The Graduation Toolkit is our graduation gift to help you explore your next steps.

The Graduation Toolkit features five online tools to help you gain awareness of your skills, discover where your interests align with workforce opportunities, and devise your plan to get there.

Start the Graduation Toolkit

First, discover your strengths and interests

The Agile Work Profiler© will help you discover your work strengths and interests — what we call your Agilities©. In just 15 minutes, this career assessment can help you understand how your unique Agilities are used in the workforce.

Next, learn about different careers

Once you know your current Agilities, use the interactive Career Explorer Tools© to learn about income, preparation, work activities, and demand for each career.

Determine your ideal income

Curious about the salary you need for the lifestyle you are planning for? Use the Income Estimator to identify the income range you will need.

Update your resume

Use the Resume Builder to learn how to highlight your unique skills and interests in a resume, portfolio, or interview.

Map out your next steps

You’re in the driver’s seat. Ready to Draw Your Future? All you’ll need is a pen, this template or a piece of blank paper, and a readiness to dream!

Share Today

We want to make sure the Graduation Toolkit gets in the hands of all graduates making this big transition. The DeBruce Foundation invites college and high school graduates, as well as educators and career counselors, to explore the Graduation Toolkit and discover how it can transform their journey toward success.

Share with the graduates in your life by sending them this webpage through text or email or use the social icons found at the top of the page to share on  FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

Together, let’s celebrate graduates and cheer them on in their next steps.

About The DeBruce Foundation

The DeBruce Foundation is a national foundation whose mission is to expand pathways to economic growth and opportunity. The Foundation is committed to helping individuals unlock their potential and find career pathways. By developing solutions such as the Agile Work Profiler, we change how people pursue careers. By partnering strategically, we increase experiences and exposure to widen career opportunities, starting with youth and working across the lifespan.