DeBruce Career Corps

In 2018, The DeBruce Foundation launched an initiative to integrate authentic youth voice into the work of the Foundation. Throughout the summer of 2018, a model was co-created by members of the DeBruce team and a group of young adults with the purpose of applying diverse perspectives to programs designed to improve workforce readiness. This model, named the DeBruce Career Corps, led to a five-month pilot program during which the students enhanced their professional skills and provided vital input on The DeBruce Foundation’s promotional videos and visuals, as well as a version of the Agile Work Profiler that is more user-friendly and relevant to a ‘new-to-work’ generation.  

The DeBruce Career Corps has grown to include two cohorts: a high school group and a college and career group.  Both groups meet via videoconference once a month to advise the DeBruce team on projects specific to the Foundation, the Kansas City community, and universal issues facing their age groups. Corps members are also challenged with designing, developing, and implementing service-learning projects for their peers, as the current high school group did with the Sink or Swim:  Career Skills for Your Future workshop.  Student Corps members researched the professional skills youth need most in pursuing internships and jobs and recruited professional members of the community to share their expertise in maintaining professional communication, dressing with intention, creating an appropriate digital footprint, and teaching dining etiquette.  All groups get together several times a year to celebrate their accomplishments.   Check out the video to learn more about The DeBruce Career Corps and the Sink or Swim workshop.  We hope to see you soon! 

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