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The DeBruce Foundation helps people of all ages expand pathways to economic growth and opportunity.  Taking advantage of opportunities for growth in your personal life, education, and career journey is critical for anyone seeking success.  In light of current challenges to our world, it is more important than ever to be agile in the face of change.  We commit to supporting you in becoming aware of your strengths, affirming your goals, and activating the Agility Advantage in your personal and family life, at school, and in your career.

The following resources are designed to help you use your strengths and interests – your Agilities – to affirm your goals, boost existing skills, and prepare for a successful tomorrow.  Once you know your Agilities you can use these resources to move towards achieving the Agility Advantage.  Feel free to use the resources in the order below or click on the ones you are most interested in. Let’s get started!

Agility Advantage Resources:

Agile Work Profiler© Highlight Video

Descriptions of the Agile Work Profiler and Agilities from members of The DeBruce Foundation’s Youth Career Corps

Definitions of 10 Agilities

Written descriptions of each Agility and how they are used.

The Agile Work Profiler©

Agile Work Profiler
A 10-minute interactive assessment tool that provides a ranked list of your top Agilities.

30 Ways to Develop Your Agilities Today

Specific examples of how each Agility can be used in your daily life.

Agilities Activity Kit

A series of activities that can be used by educators, facilitators or individuals to drill deeper into using Agilities.

Discussion Guide

This guide explores different challenges you may be facing and provides resources to help you address them.

Draw Your Future with Agilities Instructional Video

A 30-45 minute “Draw Your Future” activity that helps identify and visualize your goals for the future.

Draw Your Future with Agilities Map

Download and print a blank Draw Your Future map.

Career Statement

This document provides a template for listing your Agilities and discussing your work and/or volunteer experiences in written form. Download or print.

Resume Template

This document builds on the Career Statement resource by expanding your work and/or volunteer experiences into a resume template. Download or print.

Career Examples Library

Profiles of people in diverse career paths and how they have used their Agilities to achieve success.

Apply Your Agilities

This activity will help you directly apply your Agilities to any challenging situations you may be facing.

Career Flex – Agility Advantage App – Coming Soon!

Take 15 minutes a day for 30 days to build your career strength and put yourself in a stronger position for growth and opportunity.

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