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April 2023 Newsletter


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Happy Internship Awareness Month!

We are The DeBruce Foundation’s Strategic Communications Interns, Anna VanBrunt and Isiah Humes. In honor of this month, we huddled up to share with you our top 4 ways internships are developing young talent and building a strong workforce:

  1. Internships are essential for giving us the tools and experiences to market ourselves for success in our future careers.
  2. With our new technological age, virtual internships, or “vShips” as we like to call them here, help connect more and more talented students to the workforce.
  3. Internships have been a great way for us to see what it’s really like to put the theories we’ve learned in class into practice.
  4. As we know from The Foundation’s Employment Empowerment report, networking is crucial for an empowered career. Internships are a fantastic way to meet potential mentors and colleagues!

For those of you launching your career, we encourage you to apply for a summer internship; for those of you further along in your careers, consider welcoming a new intern onto your team! It will be a win for everyone involved.

Cheers to internships!

Helping teens prepare for career pathways

We are pleased to announce our partnership with American Student Assistance!

The Agile Work Profiler is part of EvolveMe, a new digital experience for teens to gain critical career readiness skills.

Read the press release to learn more about how this partnership is helping ensure Gen Z is ready for their future.

How Agilities empower your career

“We found that individuals who have a high career literacy and a high network strength are actually making 55% more in salaries, they have better benefits, and 26% more of them are employed.”

Listen in on this episode of Your Working Life with Caroline Dowd-Higgins as she and Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight discuss how YOU can build a more resilient career. Check it out online or wherever you find your podcasts!

Learning + fun for the whole family

Remake Learning Days KC officially kicks off on May 1st with 150+ hands-on experiences in arts, science, technology, outdoor learning, making, and more for Kansas City’s young people and their families!

You can fly a drone, build a solar car, design a marble race track, solder a DaVinci Venus Probe, or sing in Swahili, just to name a few.

Check out the full schedule and make your plans! Not in KC? Find an event near you.

A career-long commitment to youth

Check out this feature of Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight and her commitment to integrating youth voice into our mission to expand career pathways:

The power of youth voices has been a theme throughout my career. From the time I was 21 years old and a teacher in the classroom, I realized I needed to create space to hear from my students and engage them in solving problems…I’ve never had a job that didn’t integrate youth voice into it, and I don’t plan to anytime soon.” Read the full article from Canvas Rebel.

Advance your civic or career journey

No matter where you are in life, you have strengths, interests, and skills that bring value to the workforce!

Knowing these strengths can help you advance your career, and you might even choose to use them in civic leadership for your community.

In partnership with United WE, we’re delighted to offer a 30 minute webinar over the lunch hour on Thursday, May 18, in which we’ll dive into your Agilities and your career journey. Register now.

A free gift for every graduate in the nation

With help from the DeBruce Career Corps, we’re elated to offer a gift for each and every high school and college graduate in the Class of 2023!

The Graduation Toolkit is a collection of online career tools to help graduates identify their top work skills, explore in-demand job opportunities, and make a solid plan for their future–and it’s available completely for free.

Get the Graduation Toolkit.

A win-win for students and employers

In this month’s blog, Tim Peterson, Senior Project Director at the Kansas Board of Regents, shares about our partnership, the Kansas Micro-Internship Program:

The program benefits students by removing obstacles of transportation, relocation, and fixed work schedules…It also benefits employers who need immediate on-demand project help in addition to increasing their talent pipelineCompanies can see a 40-80% savings on the cost-per-hire when incorporating Micro-Internships into their existing recruitment strategies…” Read the full blog.

Join us for a training

Are you looking for career-building resources for your classroom, curriculum, or organization? Join us for an upcoming training!

5/9 Agilities Tour
5/16 Activating Your Agilities
5/23 Agilities Tour
5/30 Activating Your Agilities
6/8-9 Agility Coach Training

View all upcoming opportunities.

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