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August 2021 Newsletter


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I always get a bit excited when the calendar flips to August. As an educator, August is a month of new beginnings for a fresh group of students. At The DeBruce Foundation, the same holds true. We are excited to support youth in expanding their career pathways.

One of my goals when I was in the classroom was to help my students become informed career decision makers. Integrating the Agilities into my curriculum was key. By taking the Agile Work Profiler, students become aware of their Agilities — their strengths and interests in the workforce. Then, combined with the Career Explorer Tools, students are better equipped to choose, plan, and pursue a career path.

This Back to School season, I encourage you to add the Agilities as a tool in your toolbox – it made all the difference in my classroom. Whether you are going back to school, back to work, or simply wanting to grow in new ways, using the Agilities can make a difference for you too.

Students Making an Impact

This summer, Startland launched the second cohort of their Social Change Internship – an 8-week program that challenges students to inspire, encourage, and create social change.

Students got to learn from local changemakers, use their Agilities, and pitch real-world solutions to social issues.

I never realized that I would be able to learn so much about myself and my capabilities while also making an impact on people…” – Social Change Intern

Watch their final pitches.

Expanding Pathways through Paid Internships

The Working For Youth initiative, led by KC Common Good, impacts the lives of youth through paid internships.

We are privileged to be part of this initiative and to provide tools for students to increase career literacy and lay the foundation for future career success.

“Since [April], 427 teens from ages 14 to 18 have been employed through 89 local employers — providing both virtual and in-person paid jobs.” Read more in Startland News.

“Making” a Vision and Building Agilities

Make48 is a collaborative innovator and maker challenge, designed from a core belief: Everyone has a great idea.”

We had a blast with entrepreneurs and innovators from all walks of life at Make48 in Madison, WI. In just 48 hours, teams developed their great idea and made it reality — all while using their Agilities!

Kicking Off a New School Year

We’re elated to work with the 50+ students and young professionals who are now part of the DeBruce Career Corps! They’re excited too:

  • “I like how hands-on it is.”
  • “I’d like to do more Agility experiences.”
  • “It will be cool to have a say…participate and see the final end.’”
  • “Can’t wait to dive in!”

DeBruce Career Corps plays a crucial role in advising our work, testing products, and expanding career pathways. Learn more.

Reducing Violence by Expanding Pathways

This month’s blog comes to us from Adam McClun, Community Engagement Manager at KC Common Good.

Adam writes about the connection between providing youth workforce opportunities and lessening violence; implementation of innovative solutions in Kansas City; and the collective work needed to build an equitable future for our youth.

Read Reducing Violence by Expanding Pathways.

Career Tools for Workforce Agility

Want to help students in your classroom, clients in your nonprofit, or employees in your business succeed in the workforce?

Join us for a 1-hour virtual lunch & learn, where you will be introduced to the Agilities, our career exploration resources, and the next steps to help your audiences along their career path.

Join us for the next Agilities Tour
September 7 at 12pm CT
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