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January 2021 Newsletter


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Hello, and happy New Year!

Let me start off by simply saying, “You made it!” Through all 2020’s ups and downs, you made it to this point right now. I hope you’ve been able to take a deep breath and to fully feel all the feels. Whether you are mourning loss or celebrating progress, it’s all real.

As data analyst for The DeBruce Foundation, I have a front-row seat to our quantitative metrics of impact and progress. I’m seeing that last year, over 10,000 people completed the Agile Work Profiler, bringing the total number of people who have taken it to over 20,000 people! What’s more: in 2020 alone, over 2,500 of those people took it one step further, using their Agilities to explore careers through our Career Explorer Tools.

These are exciting milestones! Every time someone gets a snapshot of their top Agilities, I’d like to think that, maybe, they latch onto their top Agility like a superpower, knowing it can be part of the gift they can give the world.

I invite you to reflect on that thought today. We all have skills and passions. These are our unique superpowers for the world. What are yours?

Here’s to expanding career pathways in 2021,

Building Gingerbread Houses with Agilities

Students in the Independence School District recently built gingerbread houses while activating their Agilities and building their futures.

Watch this video to see how

Scholarship Central

College-bound students throughout Missouri and the bi-state regions of Kansas City and St. Louis can visit a “one-stop scholarship shop” to connect with over 50 scholarship providers.

We’re honored to help fund this search tool and expand pathways for college-bound students. Check out the story from 41 Action News

10th Annual MARC Conference

We were honored to sponsor Mid-America Regional Council’s 10th annual Greater KC Workforce and Education Summit. Together with organizations and leaders across the region, we reflected on the past decade of education and workforce investments in order to vision and strategize for a future where all learners excel.

MECA Explore

DeBruce Career Corps members recently helped with STARTLAND’s MECA Explore, a multi-day experience for students to explore the entrepreneurial mindset and tackle real-world problems, like “How might we help young people tend to their social and emotional needs during the pandemic?”

Your students can join the next MECA Explore on January 12, 13, and 15. Learn more and register

Mentoring with Agility

To celebrate National Mentoring Month, our ED and COO, Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, shares her tips for mentoring with Agilities and helping young professionals develop the Agility Advantage.

Read her mentoring tips

Draw Your Future

As you’re looking ahead to 2021, you can do so with self-awareness and a plan! Check out Draw Your Future with Agilities, an online tutorial that helps you map out your path ahead, with your strengths and interests in mind.
Grab a pen and map out YOUR best 2021

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