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Using Agilities to Empower Others

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This month’s career journey Q&A features Kripa, a DeBruce Career Corps member, rising high school junior, and nonprofit founder.

How long have you been involved in DeBruce Career Corps? What is it like to be a member?

This has been my second year in the DeBruce Career Corps. Being a part of this program has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. I have enjoyed the opportunities The Foundation has provided for personal and professional growth. The resources, support, and guidance offered have been instrumental in helping me develop my Agilities and navigate my career journey; the networking opportunities have been valuable in connecting me with like-minded individuals and expanding my professional network. 

What are your top three Agilities? 

My top three are Organizing, Managing, and Working with Information

How has it helped you to know your Agilities? 

I’ve gotten familiar with my Agilities by taking on new initiatives and exploring different approaches to challenges. Many of my Agilities complement each other, allowing me to have a better understanding of my skill set. When I use one Agility towards a task, implementing the others tends to enhance its effectiveness. 

How have you developed your top Agilities so far? 

To develop my Organizing Agility, I have sought out opportunities to streamline processes, prioritize tasks, and design systems of efficacy. When faced with a deadline, my organizational skills are implemented in creating a schedule in which the work can be completed in an efficient manner. 

This goes hand-in-hand with the Managing Agility, which was developed through task delegation and leadership in various roles and initiatives. Through these experiences, I have learned how to coordinate team efforts and consider different strengths within a team to ensure productive collaboration. 

My Working with Information Agility has been mainly developed through my work on GirlsLead Co., a nonprofit I founded. This initiative has served as an opportunity to enhance research and analytical skills, especially in regard to the audience the nonprofit aims to reach and the data from previous events being implemented into future considerations. 

You started a nonprofit – GirlsLeadCo. – tell us about it! How did it get started? What is its mission? 

Our journey began in the summer of 2021 as part of Startland’s Social Change Internship, a paid, 8-week internship designed for 9th-12th grade students to create solutions to social problems through human-centered design thinking. Since then, GirlsLead Co. has been dedicated to empowering young girls to pursue positions of leadership and increasing their involvement in currently male-dominated fields.

One of our primary initiatives has been coordinating and conducting workshops.These workshops provide a space for girls to get hands-on experience with each of our core values – leadership, confidence, and public speaking. The events have been platforms for girls to not only collaborate with one another but to hear inspiring stories from and network with successful women leaders during the panel segment of the workshops. We were especially excited to work with Lincoln College Preparatory Academy and the workshop organized directly at the school. 

Why is GirlsLeadCo. Important to you personally? 

Our driving mission is to bridge the gender gap in leadership representation, ultimately envisioning a more inclusive future. It is crucial that young girls do not feel intimidated at the prospect of leadership roles, and GirlsLead Co. strives to cultivate a supportive peer environment and provide them with the necessary resources on their path to empowerment.

The importance of our mission resonates with me personally, as I grew up witnessing the lack of female representation in many leadership roles. It inspired me to take action, driven by the belief that diversity in leadership brings innovation, collaboration, and inclusive opportunities. With the support of our community, we can make a lasting impact and foster a generation of confident female leaders. 

How can others get involved or learn more about Girls Lead Co.? 

Our website is a great way to learn more about our mission and what we do: 

Our latest initiative is the LeadHers monthly newsletter – filled with insight about different leadership skills, stories and advice from successful women in leadership, and other resources perfect for a young leader. Be sure to subscribe and share with any leaders in your life! 

We would also love to collaborate with anyone who supports our mission. Please feel free to reach out – dm us on Instagram at @girlsleadco or email us at

How do you hope to use your Agilities in the future? 

I hope to leverage my Agilities by utilizing my organizing, managing, and information-related skills in my future career. I would want to use these towards personal and professional growth, channeling my Agilities during situations of critical thinking or problem solving, while generating insights used during strategic decision-making. I aspire to lead teams, inspire collaboration, and motivate groups toward a successful outcome. 

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