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Behind the Scenes of the Public Awareness Campaign

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By Alex Oleson

As a member of The DeBruce Career Corps, I recently had the opportunity to participate in the development of the public awareness campaign to promote the Agile Work Profiler.  

It was a super cool opportunity where we got to be on the set, both behind and in front of the camera.  We got to talk with professionals in various fields about our experiences taking the Agile Work Profiler, what our Agilities are, and different types of career paths.

Alex and Vanessa on the Set

Alex Oleson and Vanessa Vaughn West talk about their Agilities after taking the Agile Work Profiler.

When I was being filmed, it felt a little like I was on the news!  I wasn’t too intimidated because the production crew made it so chill and natural. The team was really fun.

Throughout the shoot, I found it really interesting and sometimes surprising to hear about what people did and their career paths they’ve taken.  It was also really nice that they were interested in getting to know me and talking with me about my future. 

I particularly enjoyed listening from behind the cameras to Leigh Anne and Ruby interview one another — they are both really interesting people and a lot of what I took in from their conversation resonated. 

The video shoot was another opportunity to meet people and learn first-hand about different careers.  Through The DeBruce Foundation, I’ve now been exposed to many professions and professionals. This wouldn’t have been possible without the DeBruce Career Corps

And it’s really helpful as explore, validate and get new perspectives when trying to figure out my path.  The Agile Work Profiler is a good starting point to help people discover what they can contribute through their careers. 

Understanding that everybody has skillsets they can apply to work is really helpful.  The Agile Work Profiler does a great job of highlighting this and I encourage everyone to take it.

Take the Agile Work Profiler here. Learn more about DeBruce Career Corps here.


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