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2024 Graduate Spotlight: Susan-Carol

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It’s graduation season, and Susan-Carol Besong, a 2024 graduate and DeBruce Career Corps member graciously offered a glimpse into her life, her Agilities, and advice and resources for her fellow graduates. Read on below: 

Susan-Carol, tell us a little about you: 

Hi, my name is Susan-Carol Besong. I just graduated from Center Sr. High School and am currently a rising sophomore at Metropolitan Community College under the MIC program. I’m a dynamic individual with a passion for innovation, technology, and community.

What are your top three Agilities©?

My top three Agilities include Innovating, Inspecting, and Managing. It’s enjoyable to take a test like the Agile Work Profiler© that authentically reflects your life and skills. Knowing my Agilities has also enabled me to create a career pathway early on and make plans to get my Master’s degree in Engineering Management.

What’s your favorite tool in the Graduation Toolkit? 

Overall, I feel the Graduation Toolkit makes stepping out into the real world a little less daunting. The Career Explorer Tools© Occupation Decoder is my favorite. I can see this tool being a big help to those who have interests that don’t align with the traditional pathways of teaching, medicine, etc. With the Occupation Decoder, you can apply your tested Agilities to an industry you select, in which job options appear. The job options can aid in the creation of a timeline to acquire proper degrees, and internships that fulfill your desire in life. In all, it helps combine your desires/dreams with practicality. 

What advice do you want to share with your fellow graduates? 

Don’t forget to pause for a moment and appreciate the people next to you, the opportunities in front of you, and the past that has grown you.

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