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2024 Graduate Spotlight: Alexis

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It’s graduation season, and Alexis Dominic, a 2024 graduate and DeBruce Career Corps member shared about her next steps, how tools in the Graduation Toolkit helped her choose her path, and the best career advice she’s ever received. Read on below: 

Alexis, tell us a little about you: 

My name’s Alexis Dominic. I am a rising freshman at the University of Kansas and I just recently graduated high school. I plan to study chemical engineering with a minor in Spanish and business administration. I am a huge robotics nerd, I have a 3-year-old golden retriever named Dallas, my top Spotify artist is Childish Gambino, and I love to camp in my free time. 

What are your top three Agilities©?

My top three Agilities are as follows: 1. Managing, 2. Selling and Communicating, 3. Organizing

What’s your favorite tool in the Graduation Toolkit? 

My favorite tool in the Graduation Toolkit is the Occupation Explorer. This tool provides quite a bit of information about a variety of careers. The provided information includes projected income, education requirements, a brief job description, and the top Agility for individuals in this profession. I found this tool to be especially useful when discerning my major. I was conflicted between pursuing a career in computer and chemical engineering. With the help of the Occupation Explorer and similar tools offered by The DeBruce Foundation, I was able to confidently choose to continue my education in chemical engineering. 

What’s the best career advice you’ve received? 

The best career advice I’ve received is to adopt the “say ‘yes’ to everything” mentality. By “saying yes” or by opening yourself to new opportunities, you are bound to experience personal growth and step out of your comfort zone. This allows you to broaden your perspective and to discover more about yourself. With that being said, it’s important to establish boundaries and manage yourself appropriately to prioritize your well-being. The world has so much to offer; it’s just waiting for you to say “yes.”

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