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March 2024 Newsletter


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As an educator, my goal is to see the potential within every student and help them discover it. While teaching first grade, I had a precocious little girl we’ll call “Emma.” Emma wanted everyone in class to be successful, yet this desire often came out in ways that caused her classmates to call her “bossy.” The horror!

I reflected on my own childhood: I was the leader for every class project, the student organizer for the dances and fundraisers, and captain of the color guard team. I remember being called bossy, too! Now, looking at Emma’s situation as a 6-year-old, I realized she and I had shared a common problem: no one had taught us how to be leaders. Luckily for Emma, I knew the Agilities©.

When Emma shared she was frustrated with being called bossy, I asked her which Agility she was using. She was right: Managing! The Agilities gave us language and a framework to affirm her natural leadership skills and identify how she can grow them – like making sure she’s listening to her fellow students while leading them!

The following year, I visited my now second graders. Emma gave me a hug and proudly told me that she had been the group leader for all the PLTW projects. She was no longer being called “bossy” by herself or others, but instead using her growing Managing skills to lead.

Like the thousands of women we honor this Women’s History Month, I have no doubt Emma will be a leader to celebrate!

New Career Literacy tool: Occupation Decoder

Are you looking to learn more about potential career paths?

The Occupation Decoder is here to help! This tool helps you decode different occupations with information about their industry, education, salary, and Agilities needed.

Try it out and find what Agilities you need for your dream job!

Visit the Occupation Decoder.

Training with Harris-Stowe State University

Together with Harris-Stowe State University’s Center of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we held our first-ever in St. Louis Agilities Coach Training!

During this training, Agilities Coaches learned about our Career Literacy resources, how to implement and facilitate them, and strategies to expand career pathways in their communities.

Learn more about opportunities to become a certified Agilities Coach!

Local launch of new K-12 resources

We recently had the privilege of hosting Kansas City metro area superintendents and school leaders!

We were thrilled to introduce these leaders and early partners to our new, fully-funded K-12 resources.

We are initially launching these new K-12 resources in our hometown of Kansas City, but we can’t wait for them to help students all across the US. Stay tuned for updates!

Behind the scenes of the Career Explorer Tools©

An article by Christopher Laubenthal, Data Design Manager, was recently featured in Nightingale, the journal of the Data Visualization Society. He shares a behind-the-scenes look at how innovative data design, like the Career Explorer Tools, come to life and his insights from the process:

The design inside an organization is a continuous, iterative process of development personally and of product. The key is to let that process feed you and celebrate the people on the journey with you.” Read the full article in Nightingale.

Meet Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight

Our Executive Director and COO, Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, was recently featured in CanvasRebel Magazine:

In today’s workforce, you will likely change jobs multiple times. Throughout your career journey, you will gain skills, discover new interests, and land new opportunities as you grow. You must be agile to succeed in an ever-changing world of work, and this is the journey for which we need to prepare our youth.” – Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight

Read the full article in CanvasRebel.

Bringing hands-on learning to your neighborhood

Remake Learning Days is an innovative learning festival, featuring 2,000+ free or low-cost events for families and youth across the nation!

Thanks to local community catalysts at KC STEM Alliance and Community Capital Fund, our KC Metro festival is one of the best!

Members of the DeBruce Career Corps are excited to participate in Remake Learning Days KC by providing engaging, career-building activities for their peers! Mark your calendar to join them on May 4th, and explore the ever-growing list of Remake Learning Days events near you. We’ll see you soon!

Using Agilities© for career exploration

In our latest guest blog, Gabriela Morales, Director of Student Success at Missouri Valley College, highlights the impact of The DeBruce Foundation’s Career Literacy resources on students!

“…being able to provide our students with fully funded resources to assist with their growth and development as individuals is extremely rewarding. One of the best parts of teaching the [Career Exploration Seminar] is when we are able to see the light go on in our students’ minds when it all clicks and they realize how this will benefit them.” Read the blog.

Hiring: internship to expand career pathways

College juniors and seniors in Missouri or Kansas: Are you looking for a paid summer internship opportunity? We’re searching for a new Strategic Communications Intern!

This isn’t just any internship – it’s a chance to make a real impact and set yourself up for success in your career journey (and a current intern wrote this, so you know it’s true!).

Learn more and apply by April 3rd.

Join us for a training

Are you looking for career-building resources for your classroom, curriculum, or organization? Register to learn about our career tools and resources, and then join us in expanding career pathways!

3/7 Agilities Tour
3/14 Activating Your Agilities
4/12-13 Agility Coach Training

View all upcoming opportunities.

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