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December 2022 Newsletter


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My name is Rebecca Kessler, and I recently joined The DeBruce Foundation as an Education and Integration Specialist. My background is in elementary, middle, and high school education–which is to say my heart is always with students!

When I was in the classroom, this was a great time of year to have conversations with students about the skills they had already acquired and set goals for the second half of the school year. Using Agilities language made those conversations easy!

For example, a first-grade student said they felt a little overwhelmed throughout the day. Together, we identified that they wanted to work more on the Agility of Organizing.

We looked at what they already do with that Agility: sorting their school materials each week, getting rid of items that weren’t needed, and using sticky notes to mark important items. By recognizing their skills, and using a shared language to talk about them, we were able to make a plan for the second half of the school year.

Watching my students set goals and use Agilities language with other adults in our community made me feel like they would be ready to tackle whatever comes their way in the future.

As this year comes to a close, I encourage you to take a moment to celebrate all the skills you’ve gained this year, and to leverage them as you build a fantastic 2023!

12th Annual Education and Workforce Summit

Cheers to the Mid-America Regional Council for a successful 12th Annual Education and Workforce Summit!

The DeBruce Foundation was pleased to sponsor the event and thrilled to share the results of our Employment Empowerment report with leaders throughout our region. Together, we can expand pathways to economic growth and opportunity!

Leo Morton receives Founder’s Civility Award

Leo Morton, board member of The DeBruce Foundation and President and COO of DeBruce Companies, was recently honored by American Public Square.

In recognition for his strong commitment to community and justice, Mr. Morton received the 2022 Founder’s Civility Award.

Congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Leo!

Kick-starting a career through micro-internships

Sophie, a Marketing major at Kansas State University, faced some significant obstacles when she first started seeking internships.

However, when Sophie learned about the opportunities available through Micro-Internships, she wasted no time applying for projects, landing them, and using these experiences to clarify her career goals.

Learn how Sophie is launching her career with the Kansas Micro-Internship Program.

Celebrating leaders in Indiana

Our team celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce at the 33rd Annual Awards Dinner!

This event recognizes Hoosier leaders who improve the state’s people, businesses, and communities, including our friend Rupal Thanawala, CEO of Trident Systems LLC, as the NextEra Energy Resources Dynamic Leader of the Year.

The state of Indiana has been a fantastic partner this year as we provide the Agile Work Profiler to thousands of Hoosiers through the Indiana Career Explorer platform. What a beautiful evening celebrating great work in Indiana!

Networking and Spreading Good Cheer

DeBruce Career Corps attended a workshop on how to network at stand-up receptions, and they practiced with our community partners! Some tips:

  • If you’re standing in a group with others, keep the circle open (in a “U”) as a sign for others to join you.
  • While enjoying your snack or drink, keep one hand free to shake hands, wave, fist bump, etc.
  • Remember that each person in the room has value, and so do you! Ask yourself, “How can I share my gifts with the people I meet?

Happy networking this holiday season!

Building your empowered career this year

New year, new career?

In this month’s blog, Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight shares research-backed tips to help you build a career with better wages, job security, benefits, and more.

Whatever your goals may be in 2023—to grow in your current job, pivot to a new career, or return to the workforce—start making your plans now with Leigh Anne’s tips for an empowered career this year.

Join us for a training

Are you looking for career-building resources for your classroom, curriculum, or organization? Join us for an upcoming training!

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1/12-13 Agility Coach Training

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