DeBruce Career Corps

In 2018, an initiative launched to integrate youth voices into the work of The Foundation. To create a successful future of work, we knew it would be vital to work alongside young leaders currently launching their careers. Team members and young adults tested and co-created the model, DeBruce Career Corps. 

DeBruce Career Corps is a collective of more than 50 young people, ranging in age from 14 to 24 years. They meet monthly via video call from across the nation to advise The Foundation as well as receive support from each other on their own career journeys. 

Collectively, they shed light on their education and workforce experiences, test career resources, and provide insights to our mission. Members present at national workshops, get interviewed for career news stories, advise during historic workforce upheavals, star in curriculum to reach other youth, and more!

“Sometimes there’s a wall that divides youth from adults. If we can take that wall down and work together, we can make a change that’s for the better.”