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Mario Manzano

Tech Solutions Specialist

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Introducing Mario Manzano, your tech aficionado at The DeBruce Foundation. With an insatiable curiosity for unraveling the intricacies of our world and a rich background in software development, Mario serves as our Tech Solutions Specialist, driving enhancements to existing software solutions and pioneering innovative tools to advance our collective mission. Mario champions the principles of teamwork, quality, and practicality as the cornerstones of successful development endeavors.

Prior to immersing himself in the realm of IT, Mario’s close ties to academic institutions during his formative years instilled a deep appreciation for the work we undertake at The Foundation. He embodies the virtues of patience and humility, considering them essential in effective mentorship and collaboration. Mario possesses a unique talent for deconstructing complex systems and distilling acquired knowledge into easily digestible insights.

As a seasoned full-stack developer, Mr. Manzano partners with organizations to conceptualize and execute software solutions across various domains, spanning from data automations and web platform development to AI-driven tools. He derives immense satisfaction from witnessing robust, innovative, and high-quality software solutions catalyze transformative impact for businesses, organizations, and individuals alike. Mario prioritizes security, quality, and cost-effectiveness in his approach to crafting indispensable tools. While his heart belongs to Python, Mario eagerly embraces the opportunity to master new technologies, leveraging his innate ability to swiftly absorb and assimilate knowledge.

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