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March 2022 Newsletter


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I’m Ruby Rios, and I’m a founding member of the DeBruce Career Corps. I’m excited to have this opportunity to introduce the newsletter during Women’s History Month!

As a woman in the male-dominated field of technology, I have advocated for gender equity since my days as a student. Many issues of inequity are systemic and must be addressed. At the same time, on the individual level, there are ways we can help women expand their career pathways right now. I know that understanding my Agilities gave me inspiration for careers and helped me identify skills to leverage on my path to the technology field. 

I believe the Agilities framework can help other women to examine a broader variety of career options, some of which they might not have otherwise considered or been able to picture themselves pursuing.

There is still much work to be done in achieving gender equity in the workforce and beyond. This month, we should celebrate all of the achievements made thus far, while continuing to push forward for the betterment of all of us.

ProX Connecting Youth + Employers

In partnership with incredible organizations throughout Kansas City, we’re proud to announce ProX, a summer program connecting high school students to paid professional experiences.

Selected students will gain real world experience, explore career opportunities, and earn $1,250 plus academic credit.

Employers will get to expand their network, gain new insights from young talent, and be part of strengthening our community and workforce.

Students and employers, get involved here.

Increasing equity in internship experiences

A recent case study from the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) explored Black students’ perceptions of and barriers to experiential learning at primarily white institutions.

The Kansas Micro-Internship program was highlighted as a “key strategy in providing more equity in paid internships for Black students and all students of color.”

Read more from NACE about expanding access to experiential learning.

Career resources in Forbes

A recent Forbes article highlighted resources for kicking off a freelance career:

It was particularly exciting to learn that, in collaboration with The DeBruce Foundation of Kansas City, the Kansas Department of Commerce, and Board of Regents have taken a big step in growing their program, working together with 33 Kansas public colleges and universities to provide paid micro-internship opportunities for students through an impressive new program called the Kansas Micro-Internship Program….working with a large system like the state universities and colleges of Kansas is a game changer.”

Read the article in Forbes.

Career paths strengthened by Agilities

Jada, DeBruce Career Corps member and freshman at University of Missouri-Kansas City, recently shared her career journey with KSHB 41!

At the beginning of her career, getting to know her Agilities has helped her gain confidence, communicate her value, and let her workforce skills shine.

“It allowed me to really recognize the qualities I have within myself and present myself within the best way possible to companies.” Watch the full story.

Amplifying women’s voices and futures

In this month’s guest blog, Wendy Doyle, President and CEO of United WE, imagines a world with complete equity, where women are thriving, families are stronger, and neighborhoods are healthier.

Our organizations are pursuing this vision and partnering via the Appointments Project® to amplify women’s voices and empower women for civic leadership.

“Approaching women’s economic challenges from multiple angles is the only way to truly remove them once and for all.” Read Wendy’s blog.

We’re hiring!

Do you have strong research, communication, and project management skills?

We’re looking for someone to join our team as a Research Analyst to help expand career pathways.

Learn more and apply by April 8, 2022.

Visioning the change you seek to create

At the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance’s Elevate conference, nonprofit professionals envisioned how they can use their Agilities for the change they seek to create, in themselves and in the world!

They drew a future filled with “empathy,” “health,” “adaptation and innovation,” and “fulfillment,” and determined their next steps to make it a reality.

What does your ideal future look like? Get resources to dream, plan, and go for it.

Patti Dobrowolski, 4x TEDx Speaker, live illustrator, and co-creator of Draw Your Future with Agilities, helped nonprofit professionals envision bright futures.

Join us for Agilities training

Are you looking to boost the career literacy of your students, program participants, or clients?

We have ongoing trainings available to help you and your team leverage our career resources and embed them into your programming:

4/5 Agilities Tour
4/12 Leveraging the Agilities & Essential Skills
4/19 Connecting Agilities with Careers

View all upcoming opportunities.

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