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January 2024 Newsletter


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Welcome to 2024!

We often kick off this time of year thinking “New Year, New You” but I want to encourage you to think about and celebrate old you. You deserve some confetti for the time and effort you put in across last year. Your experiences at work, school, and life have built valuable skills. Great job!

Do you need help identifying those talents and telling others about them? Take the Agile Work Profiler© (AWP) and see how to translate what you do well and like to do into skill-based language that we call Agilities©.

Have you already taken the AWP? The new year or any transition is a good time to take it again to see how your Agilities have changed. Give old you some recognition by identifying those changes. You may have a new story to tell in the new year.

Enjoy the newsletter and go with purpose into 2024!

New Career Literacy tool: Agilities Comparison

Curious how your skills can be used in different occupations?

Our new Career Literacy tool, the Agilities Comparison, is designed to help you compare the occupations that use your strengths and interests!

Pro tip: Click the Agility icon anywhere in the list to find out how that Agility ranks in several careers.

Try out the new Agilities Comparison tool, then check out the full suite of new Career Explorer Tools.

New mentoring resources

Happy National Mentoring Month!

Mentors play powerful roles in encouraging and empowering career journeys. We have developed resources for you—as a mentor, coach, advisor, parent, educator—to use as you help mentees grow their careers.

Get your free mentoring resources.

Building innovation + Agilities

Coming soon: the Make48 Innovation Course, created in partnership between Make48 and The DeBruce Foundation, will be introduced in August 2024!

The collaboration between Make48 and The DeBruce Foundation marks a significant milestone in the realm of STEM education, bringing forth an innovative program aimed at nurturing students’ skills in the art of making and innovation.”

A key facet of this course involves helping individuals cultivate their Agilities, fostering innovation and creating Employment Empowerment! Learn more.

Congratulations to our team members!

We’re so grateful to work alongside innovative, passionate team members who shine in their respective fields!

Kristie Larson, Strategic Relationship Manager, was recently named vice chairman for the Agricultural Business Council of Kansas City, representing 700+ individuals associated with the food and agribusiness sector. Read more.

Christopher Laubenthal, Data Design Manager, was recently published in Nightingale, the journal of the Data Visualization Society. Read the article: This Analogy Explains How People Can Access Your Insights.

Expanding pathways in digital media

Recently, our partners at KC IMAGINE and KC Digital Drive hosted the 2023 KC Digital Media Academy Career Summit, a conference to help students learn about careers in digital media!

Students heard from industry leaders, learned about career paths in digital media, explored the Agilities they would use in those careers, and connected with instructors and recruiters from area colleges.

Thanks for inviting us, KC IMAGINE!

Advising and guiding our mission

Youth voices are crucial to our nonprofit mission of expanding career pathways. We couldn’t, and wouldn’t want to, do our work without the DeBruce Career Corps!

The DeBruce Career Corps is a collective of more than 50 young people, ranging in age from high school to early careers, who keep us informed about the workforce from their vantage point, test our Career Literacy resources, and advise our team.

Learn more about the DeBruce Career Corps.

Introducing 2,300+ youth to high-demand careers

In this month’s blog, Mid-America Regional Council highlights the 2023 Public Service Career Expo, which introduced 3,200+ students to high-demand careers in public service!

By learning their Agilities, students were better prepared to explore career options:

Understanding your Agilities affirms the value of a student’s experiences and helps build the confidence they need to pursue a career.”

Read this month’s guest blog from Mid-America Regional Council.

Expanding access to innovative learning

Mark your calendar: Remake Learning Days, an innovative learning festival for families and youth, is coming up in regions throughout the world April 20-May 31!

Here in Kansas City last year, there were 160 Remake Learning Days events led by 72 host organizations, reaching 7,000+ young people and families!

Is your organization interested in hosting an event? Mini grants are available to help offset the cost. Learn more and apply by January 31.

Join us for a training

Are you looking for career-building resources for your classroom, curriculum, or organization? Join us for an upcoming training!

2/6 Activating Your Agilities
2/13 Agilities Tour
2/27 Agilities Tour
4/11-12 Agilities Coach Training

View all upcoming opportunities.

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