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Agility Advantage and Construction Skilled Trades

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The Agility Advantage is a game-changer.  Individuals with the Agility Advantage have the powerful combination of growth mindset, skills mastery, and market knowledge which prepares them to make informed career decisions.  Having the Agility Advantage gives individuals the ability to more skillfully navigate changes in the workplace and marketplace to generate family-supporting income. The end goal of the Agility Advantage experience is for every individual to be able to expand their skills and ideas of potential career opportunities and be able to select a career pathway from a wider set of choices. Individuals with the Agility Advantage can determine current opportunities in high-demand and well-paying careers that might match their interests and skills.

Who can benefit from having the Agility Advantage?  Everyone!  The Agility Advantage allows individuals to see opportunity where others may see challenges. Take the construction skilled trades, a unit of the modern skilled trades, for example.

The construction skilled trades are currently facing negative public perception, a labor shortage, and a graying employment base. Individuals with the Agility Advantage will see opportunity in the labor shortage, understand the value they can add in the marketplace, and be confident in their ability to acquire new skills. The chart below reflects the impact of Agility Advantage.

Construction Skilled Trades

The construction skilled trades are just one of many industries where people with the Agility Advantage will see opportunities rather than challenges. The DeBruce Foundation created the Agility Advantage process to empower individuals with the right information and access to the preparation that will give them the confidence to recognize opportunity and skills to pursue any career of their choosing.

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