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At The DeBruce Foundation, we seek to equip individuals with tools and resources to build successful careers.

Our team developed as a hub for free career literacy resources. Check them out to discover your strengths and interests, learn about different careers, and map out your next steps to your career future.

Career Literacy Resources Available at

The Agile Work Profiler is an assessment that provides you with a ranked list of your top skills and interests – your Agilities – as they relate to the workforce.

Agilities are used in all occupations, just in different amounts. When you know your Agilities, you can better explore the career options, learn how much training and education is required, find out how much they typically pay, and more.

The Career Explorer Tools help you explore your Agilities in the workforce. Early results show these tools expand your knowledge of careers and help you pursue your chosen career path. These tools will help you:

The DeBruce Foundation partnered with Patti Dobrowolski of Up Your Creative Genius to create the interactive workshop, Draw Your Future with Agilities, a goal-setting and career-planning workshop for youth and adults. Participate in this interactive activity on your own online, or, if you are interested in having one of our facilitators lead this activity, please contact 

Agile XP provides 10-minute experiences to help you boost your knowledge, confidence, and career. No matter whether you’re a student, an experienced professional, or returning to the workforce, you’re likely encountering many career decisions. With Agile XP, you can learn more about yourself, your career, and your resources, so you can make the decisions that build the career you want. 

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