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Serving Adults

At The DeBruce Foundation, we seek to equip individuals with the tools they need for a successful career. Adults who are building their career, pivoting to a new career, or re-entering the workforce face unique challenges as well as incredible opportunities. 

Because of the experience adults have already gained – from paid work, volunteering, caring for family, and more – they bring great value to the workforce.

The first step, often, is helping adults affirm the vast amount of skill, knowledge, and expertise they already have; then, as they pursue their goals, they can leverage their previous experiences – as well as plan for how they want to grow. With this knowledge, they can better identify where their skills and interests align with workforce opportunities. By becoming more informed about themselves and the workforce, they are better equipped for their career journey ahead. 

Shared here are partnerships with organizations that reach, equip, and empower adults in their career journey. If you want to leverage Agilities tools to serve adults, connect here.

How We Partner to Serve Adults in the Workforce

The Minority Entrepreneurship Collaboration Center for Advancement (MECCA) at HBCU Harris-Stowe State University (HSSU) Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship fosters the growth of emerging entrepreneurs and seeks to cultivate the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners from minority and under-resourced communities. Justice-involved participants used their Agile Work Profiler results in week on to connect with the interests and skills they bring to an entrepreneurial endeavor and applied that knowledge throughout the 8-week program.

The DeBruce Foundation is partnering with Veterans Community Project (VCP) to co-create a curriculum integrating Agilities into programming for the veterans they serve. This curriculum will expand career pathways for veterans by coaching them in skills such as resumé writing, interviewing, and exploring career options. VCP will have success coaches, who are veterans, to deploy this curriculum. This curriculum will be piloted in Kansas City with outreach clients and potentially with residential clients. If successful, VCP will launch this co-created curriculum in other cities. Currently, VCP has branches in Longmont, Colorado; St. Louis, Missouri; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

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