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Partnering to Empower the Indiana Workforce

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This guest blog comes to us from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. In 2022, they partnered with The DeBruce Foundation to embed the Agile Work Profiler into the Indiana Career Explorer, a free career and education planning tool designed to empower the Indiana workforce. 

Here at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development, we have adopted the Agile Work Profiler as a key tool to empower Hoosiers in their careers. Below, meet two Career Counselors who utilize the Agile Work Profiler in various counties across the state. 

Dan Denniston, Career Advisor

Dan is a Career Advisor from the WorkOne office in Anderson, Indiana. Thanks to The DeBruce Foundation, he is a Certified Agilities Coach. Dan has valuable insight from the field as he serves the Anderson and Muncie community.

To assist job seekers, I use the Indiana Career Explorer, our online platform that empowers people to explore careers and plan their next steps. It consists of three assessments: an Interest Assessment, the Agile Work Profiler, and a Work Values Matcher. 

The Agile Work Profiler (AWP), from The DeBruce Foundation, shows my clients their Agilities, meaning it identifies their work interests and skills. With this knowledge, they can highlight their valuable workforce skills on their resume.

Dan Denniston, Career Advisor

The AWP helps job seekers take the first step in identifying job opportunities. It can help them launch their career exploration and consider how their strengths can be used to better lead an intentional job search. They then can identify jobs that are expected to be in high demand, potentially leading to greater job prospects. 

The AWP can also benefit anyone seeking to better understand and develop their career skills. Finding what you like and what you’re good at is a key component to career exploration and increasing one’s Career Literacy. The AWP informs real-world experiences in exploring any education, training, or certifications needed and where to go for that knowledge.”

Wade Hoskins, Youth Career Services Advisor

Wade Hoskins, a Youth Career Services Advisor in Hancock and Shelby counties, comments on how the AWP creates great career exploration discussions:

Recently I was a guest speaker for a local high school.  I had every one of the students complete the Agile Work Profiler. Seeing the reactions from the students as they pondered a career that they may have been unaware they were a good fit for was a pretty memorable experience.  I wish I had this tool sooner. It led to great discussion and kept the class engaged.” 

Wade Hoskins, Youth Career Services Advisor

Want to learn more about the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s partnership with The DeBruce Foundation? Read the press release.

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