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Gaining a Jump-Start with My Agilities

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By Khalil Shelton, DeBruce Career Corps member and freshman at University of Kansas City – Missouri

This past summer, I took part in the University of Missouri – Kansas City Summer Bridge Scholars Program, which gives new students a jump-start on their college journey. Being a part of the Bridge Program opened my eyes to all the resources that are available to me so that I could better understand my skills. For example, taking the Agile Work Profiler introduced me to skills that I’d never considered as strengths.  


My first Agility is Innovating. When I first got my Agile Work Profiler results, I realized that thinking creatively is something that comes naturally to me and is something that I want to use in my future career field. I want to be able to bring original ideas that will have immediate changes on my career for the better.

Since learning my top three Agilities, I’ve realized the field of psychology would feature careers that need people who are original thinkers. Being aware that Innovating is my top Agility, I will search for a career that encourages alternative thinking.


My second Agility is Managing. That ranking was surprising to me because I truly never noticed that I would naturally take on the leadership role when working among a group of peers. Once I became aware of this Agility, I began to challenge myself to take more leadership opportunities.

Taking leadership roles allowed me to learn by trial and error. Doing this taught me that in tough situations I can be quick on my feet and brainstorm an idea to solve the problem at hand. Possessing leadership skills will signal to future employers that I will be able to handle the pressures that come with managing, as well as be a motivating figure for my team.

Serving and Caring

My third Agility is Serving and Caring. This did not come as anything new to me because helping others is something that I strive to do. Growing up, I was the person in the family that was always there to lend a hand. Being a support system for people has always been rewarding for me because I enjoy seeing the smile on someone’s face after helping them. Wanting to help the people in need around me will push me to find career options that include supporting local communities and developing leaders who serve others.

Since completing my first semester of college, changing my major, and finding the opportunity around campus to fuel my passion for helping others, I have been able to notice when one of my top three Agilities is in use. This comes as an advantage because I am actively developing my abilities to use one day in my dream career. Learning how to apply my Agilities has been one of the most beneficial things for my college career, because now I search for careers that pique my interest, encourage growth among the company, and bring my creative side of thinking.

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