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Mark McKelvey

Fractional Data Lead

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At The DeBruce Foundation, Mark McKelvey brings a wealth of knowledge and a knack for making data understandable and useful. As a Data Solutions Consultant, he applies his expertise in data science and engineering to help The Foundation make smarter decisions through data-driven insights. Mark believes that the best solutions come from a mix of innovation, practical know-how, and teamwork.

Before diving into the world of consulting, Mark spent years in the private sector, where he used his military intelligence background to tackle business and marketing challenges. He’s not just about crunching numbers; he’s about finding opportunities in the data that lead to real-world improvements.

As a founder of Stacked Analytics, Mr. McKelvey helps companies and organizations craft and implement strategies in data science, AI, and data engineering. He’s all about turning complex data puzzles into clear, actionable strategies. Whether it’s setting up data systems, sifting through data for gold nuggets of insight, or fine-tuning the tech behind the scenes, Mark thrives on making the complicated simple. He speaks Python and SQL as fluently as English, but his real talent lies in communicating complex ideas in a way that everyone can grasp.

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