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Dr. Argun Saatcioglu


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Dr. Argun Saatcioglu is a Consultant to The DeBruce Foundation where he helps develop new tools, testing, and evaluation protocols.  A distinguished professor and researcher, Dr. Saatcioglu is dedicated to improving access to education and developing better links between school and work.  He is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies and (by courtesy) Sociology at the University of Kansas. His research addresses social class and racial/ethnic inequality in K-12 education and on policy initiatives to counteract such inequities. Dr. Saatcioglu also studies ways to improve educational governance and leadership performance. His recent work has appeared in Sociological Inquiry, Educational Policy, Teachers College Record, and Leadership and Policy in Schools.  His current work focuses on teacher persistence and occupational fit; racial/ethnic achievement gaps; racial/ethnic and class differences in career aspirations and attitudes; parental school choice; biases in categorization and labeling of students; and political analysis of federal policy initiatives. He is a member of the American Sociological Association, American Educational Research Association, and Sociology of Education Association.  Dr. Saatcioglu earned a BS from Bilkent University and an MS and Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University.

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