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Introducing the “AGILE WORK PROFILER”

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Free, online tool expands career pathways

KANSAS CITY, MO – The DeBruce Foundation today introduced a new free career assessment tool, and the research to back it.

The tool, called the Agile Work Profiler, is an online career assessment that is free to the public and only takes 10 minutes to complete. The Agile Work Profiler helps people learn about their strengths and interests in order to explore more career options and be better equipped for the future. 

In order to gain input on the Agile Work Profiler and better understand the attitudes and behaviors of youth and other influencers, The DeBruce Foundation commissioned comprehensive public opinion research over the summer of 2019. The research included focus groups and an online survey of 700 youth and 300 parents and showed the Agile Work Profiler is a useful and needed tool for many.

“This research indicates there is a tremendous opportunity to impact youth who have yet to decide on a career path or don’t know where to start. The Agile Work Profiler helps individuals harness the power of self-awareness and achieve deeper insights into their own strengths and interests. It inspires action for their future career pathways,” said Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director & COO of The DeBruce Foundation. “After taking the Agile Work Profiler, individuals can see how their unique skill sets can apply to many different careers.”

The efficacy of the Agile Work Profiler is reinforced through the research. Findings include:

  • A disconnect between youth expectations and the real world – 70% of youth in the study are either in college or plan to go to college. National data show, however, that only about half of them will complete a 4-year degree
  • 88% of youth are confident they will achieve their career goals, yet only 41% of youth know what career they want
  • 64% of youth have considered 2 or fewer careers, yet national trends show they will hold an average of 12 different jobs throughout their working life
  • 18% of youth aren’t thinking about careers at all
  • 33% of youth have little to no idea what they need to do to prepare for a career
  • 82% of survey respondents showed interest in taking the Agile Work Profiler
  • 100% of focus group participants liked the tool

The response from individuals in the research study represents an overwhelming endorsement of the Agile Work Profiler. Parents said they would recommend the tool to their children, and influencers saw themselves using this approach with their students. The research also spotlights a broader economic problem in our country – a cycle of inequality. The most disadvantaged youth are also those least likely to use career preparation tools. Those not going to college are less likely to know what career they want and how to prepare for it. 

  • One in two (49%) of those planning to attend college indicate they know what career they want next, compared to only one in three (32%) of those not planning to attend college
    • Three of four (74%) of those planning to attend college report a clear idea of what to do to prepare for a career compared to only 55% of those not planning to attend college

Read the entire research findings memo HERE.

“We also know youth who have the most to gain with our intervention are less likely to use tools like the Agile Work Profiler,” said Taylor Knight. “The DeBruce Foundation will commit to meeting this challenge by increasing our efforts to reach young people who can benefit from this resource.”

The Agile Work Profiler is part of a larger theory of change being advanced by The DeBruce Foundation – when one knows their “Agilities” or how strengths and interests connect to work activities, they begin to develop the “Agility Advantage.” This means they are prepared to overcome challenges and navigate the upcoming changes in workplace technologies, job restructuring, and the demise of traditional employment sectors.

To access the Agile Work Profiler, click HERE.

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