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New Website for Career Seekers and Those Who Assist Them

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In National Career Development Month, The DeBruce Foundation launches new website for career seekers and those who assist them includes free career literacy resources for individuals, organizations, and educators

Kansas City, MO — November is National Career Development Month, and The DeBruce Foundation is launching a new website to help individuals develop career literacy in order to expand their career pathways. Designed for individuals, educators, and organizational leaders, hosts free online self-awareness and career exploration tools. 

Whether starting a career, reentering the workforce, or making a career change, Agilities can help individuals discover more about themselves, their value in the marketplace, and their career options.

“No matter where you are in life, you have strengths, interests, and skills that bring value to the workforce. At, you can discover more about yourself and take the next steps toward building the future you want,” said Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director and COO of The DeBruce Foundation. showcases tools and resources related to a theory of change being advanced by The DeBruce Foundation – when one knows their “Agilities” or how strengths and interests connect to work activities, they begin to develop career literacy. This means they are prepared to overcome challenges and navigate the upcoming changes in workplace technologies, job restructuring, and the shifting of traditional employment sectors.

One of the tools featured on the site is the Agile Work Profiler. It is an online career assessment that is free to the public and only takes 10 minutes to complete. The Agile Work Profiler helps individuals harness the power of self-awareness and achieve deeper insights into their own strengths and interests. It inspires action toward their future career pathways. After taking the Agile Work Profiler, individuals can see how their unique skill sets can apply to many different careers. To date, more than 35,000 people have taken the Agile Work Profiler.

“To be successful does require that folks really understand themselves,” said Julie Collins, Former Director of Academic Support and Mentoring, University of Missouri – Kansas City (UMKC). “The Agilities is an absolutely wonderful way to help students understand [themselves] and help them map out their future.” 

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