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Foundation Offers Free Career Development Tools for High School, College Educators to Use in Virtual Classrooms 

KANSAS CITY, MO — As many high school and college students return to school in virtual settings, The DeBruce Foundation is sharing free, original online resources for educators to use in their classrooms and curriculum. 

High school and college are critical times for students to discover their strengths and interests and explore career opportunities. The DeBruce Foundation’s Educator Resources were intentionally built for an online environment and can help high school and college students develop self-awareness and explore career pathways. The tools can be used anywhere with a device and an Internet connection.

The DeBruce Foundation’s Educator Resources include the Agile Work Profiler, Career Explorer Tools, and the Draw Your Future with Agilities video tutorial, among others. These tools are free, easy to use, and specifically designed to help individuals discover their work strengths and interests, explore their career options, and map out a plan to reach their goals. 

“I love The DeBruce Foundation tools,” said Ralanda Simpson, Junior at Georgia State University. “My favorite part has been learning more about my Agilities, what Agilities are needed for certain careers, and how to grow my Agilities to be successful in my future work.” 

The resources can be used in synchronous or asynchronous classes. Students can use the tools independently or with teacher or counselor guidance.

“The Agile Work Profiler (AWP) and all the assets The DeBruce Foundation offers stakeholders based on their AWP results has transformed not only the way students learn, but the way I approach career readiness with students,” said Cindy Schluckebier, teacher, Independence School District. “By utilizing these assets my students leave our environment more prepared to make decisions for their futures and enter the workforce.”

“The Agile Work Profiler has been a great resource in helping me think through different career paths,” said Jonah Loewe, student at Oklahoma State University. “The DeBruce Foundation’s tools have also helped me to start expanding my professional network and build new connections.”

“Regardless of school format, these resources can help us all invest in youth,” said Dr. Leigh Anne Taylor Knight, Executive Director and COO of The DeBruce Foundation. “Especially in challenging times, we must help young people expand their career pathways and build their brightest future.”

Access The DeBruce Foundation Educator Resources here

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