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The DeBruce Foundation partners with colleges and universities by integrating the Agile Work Profiler (AWP) and Career Explorer Tools (CET) into student experiences. Seeking to help students find their purpose, models tend to focus on helping students identify their career pathways by first identifying their career skills and interests. By equipping students with confidence to explore a variety of options, they make more informed career choices. Students can better find purpose in the workforce and increase their economic opportunities across a lifetime. Typical partnership goals and outcomes for these projects include plans for measuring the impact of enhanced career exploration and support for students. If you care about connecting students you serve to the tools that will incase career literacy, connect here.

How We Partner with Post-Secondary Education

Metropolitan Community College introduces all new students to the Agile Work Profiler and career exploration tools, as of the fall 2022 semester. Students use these tools with Academic Advisors, Counseling, and Career Services Departments in order to get to know their skills and interests as they relate to the workforce, gain an understanding of their education journey, explore MCC degrees and certificates, and develop plans to get their degree. This 3-year partnership supports MCC’s long-term goal of enhanced academic planning, increased rates of degree attainment, and successful transition of students into the workforce.

Missouri Valley College is developing a multi-disciplinary course to help new students find their career purpose and increase their financial literacy. This course, beginning in fall 2022, utilizes the Agile Work Profiler and Draw Your Future with Agilities; additionally, it integrates the Agilities into career exploration opportunities such as attending career fairs, building LinkedIn profiles, and getting involved in professional organizations. Pre- and post-course assessments will provide the partnership with further data on guiding students to economic growth.

The University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) has partnered with The DeBruce Foundation to integrate the Agilities resources into several programs, including Summer Bridge Scholars, an academically rigorous summer experience to prepare incoming first-year students for success at UMKC; Trustees’ Scholars, a fully-funded experiential program for select students; and Professional Career Escalators, a program connecting students to financial, career, and academic guidance to help them toward career paths. Collectively, this programming reaches students who are first-generation college students, students who are academically underprepared, or students who have high financial need, as they equip themselves for successful career paths.

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