Agile Work Profiler

Taking into account both your interests and abilities, The DeBruce Foundation’s free career tool – the Agile Work Profiler – gives you a ranked set of your ten agilities (i.e. competencies), which are universal to all occupations.

After taking the Agile Work Profiler, you will see how your strengths and interests connect to work activities. We call these your “Agilities”.  With the knowledge of your Agilities, you can better explore the careers you are most interested in, learn how much training and education is required, find out how much they typically pay and discover other careers that could also be a good fit.

When used in conjunction with The DeBruce Foundation’s Career Explorer Tools, the Agile Work Profiler expands your knowledge of careers that are a fit for you and helps you to more skillfully navigate the job market.

The Agile Work Profiler is based on an analysis of a wide range of professions across the US economy.

Agile Work Profiler

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