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Virtual internships, fellowships, apprenticeships, and returnships can expand pathways to economic growth and opportunity

Virtually Necessary

In 2020 we saw U.S. internship openings drop drastically; estimated at 49 percent lower than the year prior and a decline in U.S. job openings by 27 percent, according to the career site Glassdoor.  

This concerned us at The DeBruce Foundation, as internships (and apprenticeships, and fellowships, and all the ‘ships) are crucial for preparing individuals and connecting talent with opportunity. They are essential for building a sustainable workforce and equipping students with the valuable knowledge and skills to market themselves to employers after graduation.  

That’s why we created vShips: to provide curated resources, original case studies and to convene virtual conversations to share best practices and valuable insights for both v-ship seekers and employers. While we created this initiative out of necessity, we learned many valuable lessons about the importance of using v-ships to expand equitable opportunities – and many businesses have kept them around because of this. 

We hope you will share your successes and challenges with us as we all navigate the future of work together. We look forward to learning together to bring awareness to a cause that could provide brighter futures for employers and seekers alike. 

Benefits to vShip Seekers

  • Gain valuable professional experience
  • Work from anywhere
  • No commute

Benefits to vShip Employers

  • Build your workforce – even in hard times
  • Foster a diverse talent pipeline
  • Reduce overhead costs

vShip Success

Thank you to • Boddle Learning • Boeing • Commerce Bank • Evergy • Facebook • FleishmanHillard • KC Social Innovation Center • Lents Mazur & Associates, LLC • OBP • Parker Dewey • PwC • Snap Inc. • STARTLAND • UnitedHealthcare • U.S. Engineering • The Urban Leaders Fellowship • 4th Row Films • for their leadership in providing virtual internships and for sharing their insights with employers and employees across the nation.

MO DHEWD Equity in Missouri Higher Education Webinar “Using Virtual Internships to Expand Access to Opportunity”

How virtual internships serve to increase equitable access to internships, connect innovative employers to opportunity-seeking interns, and provide insight on establishing meaningful employer – employee relationships in a virtual work environment

Virtual Roundtable Library for Employers

Local and national business leaders in this series share insights from their own virtual internship programs.

KC Case Study: Early Lessons in Virtual Internships

Local nonprofit leaders share their experiences, early lessons, and innovative ideas to continue expanding access to and building our future workforce — virtually.
7/21/2020 | View the roundtable.

Connecting Diverse Talent with Opportunities Using Micro Internships: MODHEWD

Accessible professional opportunities for students.
10/26/2022 | View the roundtable.

Virtual Internship Employer & Intern Panel | vShips Success Workshop

Q&A session featuring virtual internships employers and interns
4/17/2021 | View the roundtable.

How to Up Your vShips Game

How to maximize your virtual internship program.
| View the roundtable.

vShips and the Future of Work

Considerations, barriers, and opportunities in relation to virtual internships.
11/10/2020 | View the roundtable.

vShip Seeker Resources

vShips Initiative Featured in Hispanic Outlook Magazine

The DeBruce Foundation hosted a virtual workshop focused on helping college students find, land, and succeed in virtual internships. It featured insights from employers leading virtual internship programs, career building experts, and students who have successfully launched their careers from virtual internships. 


Search for micro-internships: short-term, paid, professional assignments on the Parker Dewey platform. From working directly with an entrepreneur to supporting a large enterprise, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different roles and company cultures as you gain valuable experience.

FREE Career Survey Tool to Position Yourself for a vShip

The Agile Work Profiler© tool will help you discover your work strengths AND interests, and how these “Agilities” can apply to many different careers. Knowing your Agilities can also help you improve your resume and interview skills. The Agile Work Profiler© only takes 10 minutes. It’s free for you to use.

How to Ace Your Video Interview

Preparing for a video interview requires research, practice, and set design (Wall Street Journal) Go to Website

13 Tips on How to Make Your Virtual Internship a Success – Indeed

Indeed has some great tips for students to take your v-ship experience to the next level. From the benefits of a virtual internship, how to find one, and ways to get the most out of your experience, Indeed has you covered. Go to Website

Exploring Virtual Internships: Key Tips for Students – Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions 

Steps students can take to elevate their virtual internship and professional development. Go to Website 

3 Ways to Crush Your Virtual Internship in the First 30 Days

Tips for success from the VP of higher education and student success at Handshake (Business Insider). Go to Website

Guidance and Connections During Your Search

More resources to connect with employers and get guidance in the application process while going virtual (Handshake) Go to Website

vShip Employer Resources

Build Your Interns’ Agilities

The Agile Work Profiler© tool can help your interns increase awareness and activation to bring value to your organization. It also provides you a shared language for what they like to do and do well in the workplace. The Agile Work Profiler© only takes 10 minutes. It’s free for you to use.


Micro-Internships improve hiring outcomes while helping busy professionals get work done. These complement existing internships and campus recruiting programs by providing opportunities to engage prospective candidates year-round. Post your next project on the Parker Dewey platform.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Embrace Virtual Internships

During four roundtable discussions in late 2020, leaders convened by The DeBruce Foundation discussed vShips’ considerations such as how to onboard new interns and barriers such as access to technology. Three observations emerged from these conversations that can help ensure smooth sailing for the future of your organization. Read more.

10 Tips to Set Up and Run a Successful Virtual Internship – Forbes  

Just getting started? Forbes features suggestions from the Young Entrepreneur Council on the best things to incorporate into a new v-ship program. Go to Website 

Clever ideas from SAS & Handshake’s virtual internship engagement plan – Handshake 

Handshake has some creative ideas on keeping your virtual interns engaged. Go to Website 

Best Practices for Creating a Successful Virtual Internship

Tips for communication, onboarding, managing, and more (Harvard Business School) Go to Website

Top Perks for Interns Can Be Adapted for the Virtual Workplace

Research shows top perks can be reworked for virtual settings (National Association for Colleges and Employers) Go to Website

3 Tips for a Successful Virtual Internship Program

Review your program for accessible tech tools, equity, and company culture (HR Dive) Go to Website